Terms & Conditions

Dear customers, please ensure that the terms and conditions are read and understood before making a deposit, as payment indicates that you have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions.


1 The 'Rental Company' is CandyGlam Events.

2) The 'Customer' refers to any person, company or corporation that rents equipment or orders services from the 'Rental Company'.

3.the 'Equipment' refers to all furniture, decorations, scenery, tables and associated packing and storage containers provided to the 'Customer

4.the "event date" refers to the day of the event which the "Customer" makes available to the "Rental Firm".




A 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking. The remaining 50% is required at least 1 working day before the booking date. Please note that the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for a credit. If an order is placed less than 7 days before the event date, full payment is required to secure the booking.




The rental period is fixed for a period agreed between the 'lender' and the 'client'. Overdue returns are subject to additional charges.




The client agrees to allow the landlord any advertising or an artistic representation of the photos given to the tenant.




Delivery and collection fees are additional fees based on location, accessibility and collection times.


Delivery schedules are determined in the week of the event and are based on the start and end time of your event. You will be contacted before your event with a 2 hour delivery and collection window.


Unless otherwise specified, an offer for delivery and collection will be accepted:


(a) Delivery and collection of the goods during the usual hours from 10am to midnight


(b) A surcharge is levied for each delivery and collection outside the normal delivery times.


(c) delivery is made at ground level (or by elevator at the venue)


(d) floors or storeys that are level and clear


(e) If delivery to a higher level is required, we must be notified before the deposit is paid as a surcharge may be applied.


If rented items turn out to be unclean, damaged or missing, or require a replacement, the customer will be charged the cost of cleaning, repair or replacement of the item.


Each item collected must be picked up in a safe, covered vehicle (e.g. delivery van). The items will not be released if the conditions for collection are not met.




Photo Walls- All stickers (stickers), balloons, flowers or any kind of decoration not supplied with the background must be removed so that they can be collected by the rental company.


Pedestals- All stickers must be removed from the pedestals.


Bows - Balloons, flowers or any form of decoration not supplied with the background must be removed for collection by the rental company.


Cake stands - Cake stands should be wiped with a slightly damp microfibre cloth and then dried with a dry towel. Please do not use chemical cleaning agents for cake racks / pedestals.


Glassware - All glassware must be thoroughly washed, dried and returned in the cartons provided. If the glassware needs to be washed after return, a cleaning fee of 10€ will be deducted from the customer's deposit.





All rental equipment is checked for quality, counted and cleaned before collection. The customer must inform the rental company after receipt of the order about missing items, damage or dissatisfaction. Otherwise, any damage or uncleanliness of the equipment will be considered the responsibility of the customer.


Upon delivery of the equipment and until the equipment is returned to the rental company, the customer is fully responsible for the rented equipment. The customer must protect the equipment from the elements during the rental period. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the equipment is stored safely. The customer agrees to pay the full replacement cost of equipment that is severely damaged, lost or stolen during the rental period. The customer agrees to pay the cost of repairing damaged equipment. The lessor will determine

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